Politically speaking, I am a staunch Republican.  I, yes, greatly enjoy Fox News and a good political debate.  (Meaning I, personally, love debate).  So far, I must say this season has been filled with interesting debate on the main stage.  Now if they would just get to the issues!

Actually, I am O.K. that we have been in a quagmire of character assessment.  Honestly,  if you haven’t been paying attention because you feel the Presidential election is still so far off, I hope you begin to tune in to what’s going on.  It’s in this time period that the depth of a person’s beliefs and character begin to show in earnest because many they haven’t yet mastered the game.  Hopefully, a man or woman of integrity, honesty and truth will emerge as the nominee.

In this season I wish to offer a prayer for each of us who will vote for our next President.  It is a prayer for discernment.  I, of all people, would LOVE to see our country prosper again.  We have a number of small businesses and would love to have someone who understands business (or someone who would surround him or herself with honest, truthful advisers who “get” business).  However, much more is at stake here than business and financial prosperity, as we all know.  So much more.

So I asked myself, how did God choose a king?   We don’t call our leaders “kings”, although a recent one has acted a bit like one in my opinion, however, there are fine Biblical examples given of the types of attributes and HEART that the Lord looks for in His leaders.  He’s given us multiple examples of good kings and bad kings plus a look into many other great, effective and admirable leaders lives (be sure to look closely because no one in the Bible seems to be perfect). So here is my prayer for us as we select a Republican nominee:

“Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, please grant us wisdom, truth, knowledge and discernment as we prayerfully consider your will for our next Republican nominee for President of our beloved country, America.  We pray that we would study examples that you have given us in Your Word so that we could learn from history and  have the mind of Christ as we choose our leader.  We thank you for guiding us away from wrong motives and into the best overall choice for such a time as this.  You have prepared our next leader for this task and we ask for great blessing on whomever will be taking over the most difficult job on the planet.  Forgive us of our sins as a country and help us to set things right.  Help us to lead the world out of these dark times.  Thank you for giving us a strong and competent leader to be chosen in our next election cycle and please work miracles in our world.  Unite our country again, Lord!  Thank you for all of our sacrificial leaders whom you have given charge over this country and bless them with wisdom and discernment to do your will and to lead strong!
Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

May God grant each of us BRILLIANT CLARITY and everybody go vote when the time comes.  Let’s get over this silence!  It’s time to engage!