Wendy and the James Gang – “A Family Ministering to Families”

JamesFamilyWendy & the James Gang (WJG) has the calling and passion to reach children and families for Christ.  Since 2000, God made it possible for over 13,000 kids to accept Christ at WJG shows.  Nationwide and in South Africa, the Gospel was been presented to hundreds of thousands of kids and families. 

WJG is still a leader in children’s evangelism and advocating the importance of reaching children for Christ.

WJG specialized in an unprecedented multiple-day community outreach event for children (ages 2-12) and families called KingdomRock Live.

KRL features three different, full-scale professional musical theatrical productions with life-changing stories, unforgettable characters, giant sets, rockin’ original and worship music, blazing lights, amazing effects and vivid costumes – proven to electrify and reach all kids and grown-ups for Jesus Christ.


  1. “Almost 2/3 (64%) of all Christians accept Christ before the age of 17. Almost 50% do so by age 13.”George Barna (barna.org).
  1. “If a person under the age of 13 is presented the Gospel, there is a 32% chance that they will respond affirmatively when asked.  Between ages 14-18, there is only a 4% chance.  After age 18, the probability is 6%.” (barna.org)

3.  “Most of a child’s LIFETIME values are established prior to age 13.”

– Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family (www.family.org).

There is only ONE logical, INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION:
The critical, value-forming years through age 13 is when a person is MOST receptive to hearing the Gospel and RESPONDING affirmatively when asked!


WJG is called to reach kids of all ages for Christ, utilizing professional theatrical productions and concerts that are:

  • Evangelistic:  The above statistics don’t lie.  When asked, 99 out of 100 Christian adults will agree that it is vital to reach kids…“they are the future, the next generation”.  However, there is a huge shortage of resources and ministries with events that focus on reaching kids.
  • Discipleship:  Every show, scene and song teach Biblical principles that applies to kids and adults.
  • Hilarious:  Laughter and audience participation are great ways to establish rapport and break down barriers so hearts can be opened.
  • Excellence – We believe that God deserves our best and wants us to strive to glorify him in all that we do.
  • Relevant to today’s kids.  WJG’s shows strive to match the scope of secular entertainment choices offered to kids in today’s society.
  • Fun for Adults:  We believe that shows for kids should be a blast for any grown-up and minister to them as well.  The stories, second-level humor, music, presentation and especially the messages are very applicable to grown-ups, parents, grandparents – even teens.  Storytelling through the medium of theatre is a captivating and highly effective method to reach kids and grownups.
  • Family  – We demonstrate the importance of family, and show kids that God’s wants them to join His family – both in the church here on Earth and eventually in Heaven, and that no matter how difficult or hopeless their home situation here on Earth may be, God is always there for them.

A True Story…by Wendy James

“A Grandmother excitedly approached me after a “Song of the King” show.  A huge smile lit up her face.  She related that her 8-year-old granddaughter (call her Amy) was living with her divorced father who was now involved in an alternative relationship.  Grandma often tried to introduce Christ, the church and Christian music into Amy’s life, but Amy would only listen to Brittany Spears – her hero.  Amy had rejected her Grandma so strongly that their relationship was nearly severed.  Somehow Amy agreed to come to our WJG show at her church.  Afterwards, Amy pleaded for the “Song of the King” CD – the first music other than Brittany that she ever wanted to listen to!  Then Grandma shared the best news of all –Amy was the first kid down the aisle to ask Jesus into her heart!

It is critically important to let kids know about Jesus’ love while they’re young. Often this can be overlooked in busy families and in church priorities.

We want to help parents teach their kids about Christ and instill Biblical values in them at a young age, when their hearts are the most receptive by using compelling, fun, and exciting songs.

Our music is professionally recorded in Nashville to communicate the Gospel message in powerful, exciting ways to reach kids where they are and to teach them the ageless message presented in fresh new ways.

Every song has a powerful Biblical base, so every time we sing one—and every time YOU sing one—we proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. Then we use drama and humor to help the message find its home in any person’s heart – regardless of age.

Fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ

Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me.” We make it our mission to do just that—lead the children to Him. We believe there’s no better or more exciting way to reach a lost and hurting world for our Lord and God!

Wendy and the James Gang went off the road in 2008, but the music continues to be alive and relevant, bless children and families around the world.


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