Thousands of kids have responded to the Gospel at Wendy and the James Gang events. Here are just a few notes we’ve received from parents, pastors and kids whose lives have been impacted:

“A Grandmother excitedly approached me after a “Song of the King”show. A huge smile lit upher face. She related that her 8-year-old granddaughter (call her Amy) was living with her divorced father who was now involved in an alternative relationship. Grandma often tried to introduce Christ, the church and Christian music into Amy’s life, but Amy would only listen to Brittany Spears – her hero. Amy had rejected her Grandma so strongly that their relationship was nearly severed. Somehow Amy agreed to come to our WJG show at her church. Afterwards, Amy pleaded for the “Song of the King” CD – the first music other than Brittany that she ever wanted to listen to! Then Grandma shared the best news of all – Amy was the first kid down the aisle to ask Jesus into her heart!

“This is the most fun, exciting and energetic outreach event for kids and families that I’ve ever seen.”   Jeff Pound, Senior Pastor, Spring Hills Baptist Church

Success Story – One Children’s Pastor’s Testimony
“Instead of our traditional 5-day A.M. VBS, we presented KingdomRock Live! with Wendy & the James Gang for three nights. Our attendance (kids and families) tripled and we had 35 first time decisions to accept Christ (up from 12). We reduced our need for volunteers by 70%, which allowed us to channel their volunteer time to strengthen our other ministries. Several families who visited for the first time at these shows have now become full-time attendees of our church. It was the greatest outreach opportunity that we’ve experienced.” – Lane Hasson, Children’s Pastor, Rainbow Forest Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA

“Professional theatrical events that present the Gospel in a powerful and moving way!” – Alice Mommenee, Children’s Minister, Church of the Cross, Toledo, OH

“ That was better than ‘ Toy Story 2 on Ice! ’”– Boy, age 10

“Your music and shows fill a void that exists in ministry to kids and families – a niche that has not been filled until now.”

Testimony from a Children’s Pastor
“Last night, Christopher (a 7-year-old boy from our church) died in a car accident.  Just last week, he came to the Wendy & the James Gang “Song of the King” show at our church and prayed to receive Christ. I believe the show may have been the only time he attended church in his life.”

“In my 25 years of ministry, I’ve never seen anything like it”. Pastor, Lancaster, OH

“Working with kids changes lives. Change one kid’s life, it changes multiple lives.” A Senior Pastor

SAm with spyglassI want to tell you that this was a MAJOR success.  You should not hesitate to hire them.  They are professional and VERY good.  The kids are still talking about them.  You can make it VERY easy on yourself if you don’t do anything extra other than have them come and do the shows.  Also, you do NOT need to decorate your church (we did a little bit but didn’t need it).  They have such an extensive setup (it’s like a Broadway show), awesome props and costumes. “By far, they are the best we’ve ever had here”.

“Dear Wendy and Gang, as I sat and watched your presentation and the involvement of our campers, I had tears of joy. Not many Artists would allow disabled children to take part in their program, but you did! All the kids were beaming afterwards and are still talking about the show. I share this because I have a child with a disability and someday I hope she will be part of something like you did here. When you invited many to come down and receive Jesus that was very special. Many are going home with a new friend for life, Jesus, because of your ministry”. Shaker Samuel, Camp Administrator, Camp Echoing Hills, Warsaw, OH

“Your show was outstanding! Our granddaughter was with us that evening and she asked Jesus into her heart.  Thank you for the clear way you shared the Gospel.”

“Our kids (triplets) still ask about the Lion and the Dragon after seeing “Song of the King”. We thoroughly enjoyed your performance and message.”

“I support Christian teaching for children. We are losing them.” – Jennie Clouser, age 92.

>i miss you.
> thanks for the fairswhell ride
>~your cheerleader~
>god bless you
Kingdom Bound fan

“I brought my three girls with me to the concert and we loved it! Your show was top notch! Thank you for your ministry to families…your music is hiding God’s word in their hearts. We’ve had some great discussion/lessons regarding God, Satan, the Bible, etc. as a result of your songs. Last but not least, my husband & I love the KIDS CD too! Not too many children’s CD’s have adults anxious to turn them on! Keep up the great work!”

“God is using you to touch the lives of kids in a way that maybe no one else could reach them. And their moms and dads, also.”

“Last week I was so worked up that I woke up every night around 2:30 with my heart racing fromKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA a nightmare about the divorce. This week, after the concert, I still wake up but my heart’s not racing and lyrics to songs off the KIDS CD are going through my head over and over again. Your music has spoken so much to my spirit since the concert – it has brought me back to My Lord and Savior who carries me through all this! The girls and I loved the concert, and we jam and sing at the top of our lungs in the van all the time. And sometimes when things get bad in sibling battles, I just start singing “Run Devil Run” and tell the girls to tell that devil that is making them act mean to GET OUT! I keep thinking of the phrase on the CD of ‘A Family Ministering to Families’.  How true for me from them!” Mom, Ft. Wayne, IN

“I can’t begin to tell you how much me and my children LOVED your shows!!! You have touched my four daughters is such a positive way. I love the way your songs teach a Bible story, making it easy to remember. Thank you for your children’s ministry, and for your adult guidance. We will be forever grateful that your path crossed ours!”

“The greatest draw for young adults to come to church and remain involved is a great children’s program.” – John Nance, Young Adult Pastor, Griffin, GA

“I wanted to share a testimonial with you – our job Superintendent came into my office this a.m. and he mentioned how much his son and his family enjoyed the Wendy and the James Gang show. He then shared with me (with a huge smile on his face) that his son kept telling them ” I got saved”. He and his wife were thrilled. This a.m. when they took him to school he kept telling them “I’m going to tell my whole class that I got saved!” Is it worth going thru the trials – YES, because of kid’s lives you are changing as God’s messengers. PTL there is one more child that will be in HIS kingdom because you have been faithful in presenting the Gospel that kids can understand. He also shared about the impact the show had on him and his wife.” – Pastor of Administration, OH

“I just wanted to express once again how wonderful your show/message was. It was especially meaningful because my five year old, Morgan, raised her hand for salvation. My husband and I prayed with her at home, and she hasn’t quit telling everyone that Jesus lives in her heart and that she decided at the “Wendy Concert.” We’ve been listening to the new CD and also enjoyed reading the Columbus Dispatch article. The kids were so impressed that you were in the newspaper. I thought it expressed your goals and mission very well.” – A pleased mom

“I am a 10 year old girl…I came to your concert at Cypress Wesleyan…and I thought it was awesome.  I love the CD and so do all of my friends…” – VIA EMAIL

“For your information, the girls (age 12 and 4) sing the songs all the time. Our youngest’s all time favorite is Run Devil Run.  Maybe she is relating too well with the being a little devil at times!  The songs are great!” – A MOM, VIA EMAIL.

“I’m a Grandma with 4 Grandchildren that all live in another state. I recently attended a “Wendy and The James Gang” concert at our church.  I was so blessed and thrilled with the music, written by Wendy, about Bible Stories. It was so much fun to see them acted out by her family. It is so upbeat and original. I sat there thinking that all kids need to see this, especially my grandchildren. I could hardly contain myself. All I could think of was I have to get a video of this or they have to see this in another church. This is a new and exciting ministry for children and adults as well.   As we sat there, in the second row, the aisle beside us began to fill up with children sitting on the floor. They were trying to get closer so they could see and participate. They were clapping, laughing and listening intently to everything that was going on up in front. It was one of the most fun and refreshing evenings I have ever had. This truly is a wonderful ministry that God will use to speak to children’s hearts.  I bought two of your CD’s for my Grandchildren, that night and now have one for myself.  I recently visited the home of two of my grandchildren. I was especially blessed to see them enjoying their CD so much. They know all the words to the songs. My 4 yr. old Grandson was playing in the middle of the floor with his little animals and as he sat there playing I heard him saying Jesus, Jesus, He is Lord.” – Grandmother, via email.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“Becca (age 8) loved the music and I was thrilled to see how much scripture memorization was in the lyrics. Kids can’t listen to the music without hearing the Word. She is very anxious to see the show so I am adding it to our calendar…Daniel was impressed with the quality of the tape and it’s not easy to impress a 14 year old.” – a MOM, via email.

“Mallory (age 5) sure is a Wendy fan! She loves her newest CD, and knows every word of every song. The other day, Mallory was drawing people, and she decided to draw Wendy. She came and asked me what color Wendy’s eyes were, so we had to study the CD cover pictures, and figure out that they were brown!”  – Melinda, Goshen, IN

“Kaleigh (age 7) listens to her CD every night and throughout the day.  Actually, the other morning I woke up and the CD was still playing.  Kaleigh had put the CD player on repeat and it played all night long.  I told her that I bet Wendy’s voice was sure getting tired!”  – Mark, Huntington, IN

“We were at both of your shows in Huntington, IN. I can’t begin to tell you how much my children LOVED your program!!! The second program, we got a CD and had you autograph it for us. My girls are so thrilled to have your music and your signatures. Every time we are in the van now, the first request is to listen to “Wendy”.  My 3 year old loves “Run Devil Run” and she always comments that Ben turned his Devil costume around backwards – and laughs. It is amazing how something so simple can touch someone so young. My five year old asked to listen to your CD and stated “I just love her voice!”. They listen to each song and I can watch on their faces as they recreate your show in their minds. You have touched my four daughters is such a positive way. And I love the way your songs teach them a bible story, making it easy to remember put to music. Thank you for your children’s ministry, and for your adult guidance. We will be forever grateful that your path crossed ours. God be with you all, you will be in our prayers!” – Sue – Huntington, IN

“Our daughter, Alia, is almost 16 and it’s just not cool to go places with the rest of the family. When my wife told her that she wouldn’t have to go along to your concert at Pleasant Dale yesterday, she surprised us by saying she wanted to go.  Her words were “I LIKE their music.”

“We wouldn’t miss a performance when you are close.  You can definitely say that for us Wendy and the James Gang appeals to the entire family.” – Phil, Monroe, IN

“We really enjoyed your concert at the Maiden Lane Church in Springfield, OH in June. It was neat to watch our sons (4yrs and 1yr) really enjoy your music and of course we enjoyed it just as well.  Zac and Ben – you are doing a terrific job!! Keep it up! God is using you to touch the lives of kids in a way that maybe no one else could reach them. And their moms and dads, also.” –  Janice, Bellefontaine, OH

“I want to thank you for ministering in Cadillac.  My entire family and I enjoyed it. We will pray for God’s blessings on your ministry. Thank you so much for the CD. My five children had to play it as soon we got home. Please keep me informed on your ministry.  God bless you! “  – Theresa, Cadillac, MI

“I am SICK of Wendy & the James Gang!  Take this as a compliment…we have heard the CD so much I think we all have it memorized.  My kids love it, to say the least!” – Tim, Huntington, IN