Worship in the Church

A wonderful worship/ musical movement has swept through the churches, world-wide, in the past generation.    The Praise and Worship movement has redefined how we facilitate worship in most evangelical denominations.   Whether you love it or long for the old school ways, this music continues to impact the lives of countless people with its pathway to concentrate our minds and spirits on the Lord in an overall more simplistic approach to lyrics, melodies and harmonies.  This genre allows for great “choirs” of participants to sing together as one voice and to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  It makes room for an intimate time of listening in our hearts as we sing, to hear the various messages of the Holy Spirit that are being imparted to each individual and to each corporate body of believers and to the unbeliever who is being wooed by that same Spirit to belief in Jesus Christ. These songs and remixed hymn arrangements guide us in prayers for family, friends and others.    This genre has the substance of connection with God and has great value in the church.

So MUCH is going on in worship beyond the lyric and the song.  Through worship we go to war and find peace. Through worship we release bondages and find our liberty in Christ.  Through worship we find our true motive of love and find renewed strength to get the job done.  We listen in our hearts to find it.

I love the worship movement AND am also a firm believer in embracing all types of Christian music that is brought to the feast.  Why limit ourselves to one genre when the Lord has prepared such a wide variety of styles at this banqueting table?  Has He not used fresh style to speak to every generation?

Shouldn’t the music of the church lead the world instead of the other way around?

I am thrilled to be joining up with a seasoned band of worshippers at Jersey Baptist who also have embraced a variety of musical styles as we, together, lead worship in both Traditional and Contemporary settings.  (Also Modern worship and Southern Gospel as well as children’s. Etc)

I am having such a BLAST singing with these dedicated folks in the choirs and enjoy the wide variety of styles we present including traditional octavos, hymns, gospel, Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship, and many other genre.

These musicians have quickly welcomed me and befriended me and I am thankful.  Also, I am so grateful to those who have over the years organized such a wide ranging system to facilitate the musical/worship needs of this place.

Music should unite us, not divide us.

If you don’t have a church home or are a musician without a place to minister in your giftings,  I invite you to try Jersey.  It’s really FUN (good musical hard work too!) and above all, ministry is really happening here!  You can feel it. You can sense it.  And you can see it. May all the glory go to the Lord!